Thursday, October 9, 2008

I exermacized!

I'm healthy now. I exercised!

I actually managed to drag my bum off to Aquafit last night, just like I said I was going to. It was a really good work out, and I'm really glad I went. They have shortened the class to 45 minutes, which I really like. When I went a few years ago I always found around the 40 minute mark I'd be thinking "20 more minutes!" and now it's "yay, only 5 more minutes". I've also heard from several sources that a good work out actually maximizes at 45 minutes and you're not gaining too much beyond that point in time.

In other news - we got iTunes working! And therefore we got my iPod working! Thank you again Bill who found a web site that gave beautiful step by step instructions as to how to get it working. I think the heart of it was the "repair" choice on Quicktime. So I got it charged, now I need to get some music on there. Bill had been one by one getting our cds converted to iTunes, so I'll take some from that collection, and eventually we'll get them all switched over.

And it's Thursday. Happy Thursday everyone!

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