Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Such A Thing As Glory

I’m listening to some Rich Mullins on my iPod. I just love Rich’s music and really encourage you to get your hands on some if you can. You can borrow my cds if you want, but I’d need to find them 1st (you know, everything is in storage). You might recognize some of the praise choruses from church, but his music goes way beyond that.

This song, Such A Thing As Glory, was my first favourite Rich song. I still remember my best friend from high school, Janette, and I going to a mini concert at a little Christian bookstore in Surrey. They played about 5 or 6 songs for us and asked “so is everyone going to the concert tonight?” and I muttered “no, can’t afford it” (I was in high school!) and they gave us free tickets to the show! That was awesome.

The Lord called Rich home in 1997 I believe it was – 11 years already! But his music is as moving as ever.

Such A Thing As Glory (slightly edited)

There is such a thing as glory
And there are hints of it everywhere
And the hints are overwhelming
And its scent is in the air
It's more powerful than morning
Oh the morning can't compare
With such a thing as glory
Such a thing as glory

There was a man named Jesus
And He was God and He was flesh
And He came down here to lead us out
From this burning wilderness
He took upon His shoulders
Our sin, our shame, our death
And there is such a thing as glory
Such a thing as glory

Now Jesus lives in glory
And Jesus reigns as Heaven's King
And the love of God is pouring out
On the earth the sky and sea
We who've come beneath His mercies
Will be compelled to sing
There is such a thing as glory

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