Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ah... Sunday

I love Sundays. But 3 PM Saturday afternoon we'd done everything we needed to do for the weekend - run errands, clean the house, grocery shopping. So the rest of the weekend is ours!.

We rented Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I have to say, after hearing from so many people that this movie really sucked - I thoroughly enjoyed it! It everything I'd expect out of an Indy movie - action, bugs, snakes, etc... okay the ending was kind of silly, but still I didn't mind at all. Now, I'm not exactly the most discerning of individuals when it comes to movies - maybe b/c we just don't watch that many, but it seems to me that when people go on about how awesome a move is, I'm let down, and then people say a movie sucked, I quite enjoy it. Maybe b/c I have low expectations. Maybe b/c I'm not a die hard fan of the franchise, or of the comic book series (where is applies) etc... Anyhow, it certainly makes my life easier!

So back to Sunday. Church this morning. Duncan actually made it through the whole service in the nursery! He hasn't made it through in months! We usually get called to get him (they have a subtle number system). So we're really impressed with him. Now he's taking a nap, I got some stew put on in the crock pot for dinner tonight. This afternoon we're going to Kanaka Creek Park to go for a walk with Oma and Opa... everything a Sunday should be - filled with stuff I want to do :)

And I have a flex tomorrow! yay! So I get to bring Duncan to Kindersteps, which will be fun. So enjoy your Sunday!

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