Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm letting the world know!

I'm pregnant again! Alright, the 5 of you who read this I think know that already anyhow, but there you have it in writing. I'm due May 10 (so about 12.5 weeks along for those trying to figure it out). Of course we're really happy about this, and no we're not going to find out the sex before the baby is born.

I told my supervisor quite some time ago, but we let the other team managers and then my team know today, so now I'm free to chat about it (you know how they like information to come along in proper order). I told Sheryll (my boss) that I had to let the team know soon b/c I wanted to post it on Facebook and I have coworkers on there :)

So that's our good news!


Jill said...

Hurray Hurrah Congrats, and for the Record I didn't know yet :)

Tanya said...

Come to the wine tasting evening anyways.
This comment is brought to you by the word: abargier

Carole said...

Well of course I'm still coming to wine night - after all, there's food! :)

Nancy said...

My first thought was, wow, congrats!

And my second thought was, wait, I knew that already.

Anyway, congrats again!