Monday, December 7, 2009

Today: December 7, 2009


Outside my window: It is sunny but cool. People would even call it "cold" but having lived in the US Midwest before, I call it "brisk".

I am hearing: Bill is home sick today, and is playing World of Warcraft - so I am hearing murlocks being killed.

I am thinking: I need to get on with "it". "It" being all the things I want to get on with today while Duncan is gone.

I am hoping: to get more sleep tonight. It's a theme. I like sleep. I don't get enough of it. Cordie is teething and so is waking a lot more again. Duncan, however, has settled down at nights again, so that's good.

I am reading: Kind of stalled on the reading front right now.

I am creating: I am going to make a tree skirt out of dinosaur themed fleece I have. We need a tree skirt, and I figured "why does it need to be Christmas themed?" and Duncan would get a kick out of it.

I am wearing: jean, t-shirt, my shoes. I didn't take them off when we got home a bit ago as a little girl wanted to eat "NOW".

In the kitchen: mini-meat loaf, baked chicken, vegetarian goulash (that one will be interesting). We were supposed to have a beef brisket in the crock pot this week but no one seems to have any and I really don't feel like running to every meat counter/butcher shop all over town, so we'll skip that one.

Around the house: Well we got the tree up yesterday, which Duncan LOVES. He is so funny. He had to say goodbye to the tree today before leaving. He had a lot of fun helping us decorate it. Christmas is going to be a hoot this year. I still need to get the nativity scene put out, and the much delayed Advent calendar up (I'll get that done today). Bill put the lights out on Saturday.

Plans for the week: Duncan has his 3 year check up tomorrow and then nothing specific until Thursday, and then we're busy. The daycare at our church has their Christmas program on Thursday night and I think Duncan might have fun with that as it is kids his age, so I am planning on bringing him to that. Friday morning we're going to the Baron's for breakfast and to meet the newest member of the family, and then to Duncan's school Christmas skating party, and then Mom and Cordie and I are heading out of town down to the US to do some shopping and have some girl time. We have no idea where we stashed the playpen. Actually, I think I just remembered.

A few of my favorite things: Duncan surprising us by knowing the words to Jingle Bells (they must sing it at preschool). Cordie just being herself. I know, I'm biased, but both kids are just such a joy to our lives.

A picture thought:

My parents got Duncan this little lap desk for his birthday - and he loves it! Here he is colouring a Christmas tree. 

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