Monday, December 14, 2009

Today - December 14, 2009


Outside my window: it's snowing. They are calling for 15-30 cm, but in my heart of hearts, I just don't think we're going to get that much. I hope Duncan still has school tomorrow.

I am hearing: Bill is blogging - so him typing away. The sound of the humidifier in Duncan's room.

I am thinking: Not a whole lot.

I am hoping: that Bill doesn't have too hard of a time getting in tomorrow, and that Duncan has school - simply b/c there are only two classes left for the year, and he loves going.

I am reading: I picked up a cheesy Harlequin Christmas romance.

I am creating: I've got the top done of the second quilt I'm working on. So now I need to layer them (what we call sandwiching in the quilting world) and get to quilting them.

I am wearing: my pj pants and a t-shirt, and slippers.

In the kitchen: tonight was breakfast chicken with fries and corn (breakfast chicken is a rotisserie chicken). Also on the menu this week is slow cooked pasta with Italian sausage (funny story - it called for ziti pasta, but turns out ziti is not common up here. I know now it's like penne, but was looking for ziti at the store today. So the manager in charge of general merchandise asks if there is anything he can help me find, I tell him, I'm looking for ziti pasta... poor fellow looked so perplexed. He'd obviously never heard of it before, and couldn't help me, but you could tell he felt bad he couldn't help me. I picked up rotini instead - I like rotini - holds the sauce better), baked chicken and kale, shake and bake chicken, and grilled steak on pasta with tomato pesto sauce.

Plans for the week: Well depending on the weather, Mom might baby sit tomorrow night and we want to go see the Disney A Christmas Carol in 3D at the Imax. We love the Christmas Carol story in many forms, and have heard this rendition is great. And with that fancy dancy new bridge right by here, we're only 10 minutes away from the Imax, instead of the old 45 or it would have taken before. Bill is taking Wednesday off so we can finish some stuff like shopping, so I won't be going to MOPS -which is okay, it's just a social. Thursday is Duncan's last day of school before Christmas and they are having a pj party, so I need to bring a fruit tray for that. On Saturday I think we're hoping to get together with the Bells - whom we haven't seen in ages.

A few of my favorite things: I love that Duncan now "gets" stories. When we're looking at books he can tell us what is happening, and I think it's just going to open an whole new realm of stories etc... When he was born we got this Winnie the Pooh treasury, and I've been looking forward to bed time stories when I can read such a thing to him. I love Cordie is just such her own little person. She is getting into everything and has a lot of different verbal sounds already. It's amazing how awesome but different each kid is.

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