Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday Night Adventures

Saturday night we had our good friends Chris and Ronnie and their two kids come over. Back in the day (before we were parents, and honestly, when they only had one kid, b/c you know everything is different when you only have one kid) we used to be over at their house all the time. Two or three nights a week. But babies were born, and jobs changed (Chris works late shift now), and so getting together with them is quite a challenge these days. And the two evenings a week Chris has free, everyone likes a piece of his time. So we scheduled ourselves in, and had them over.

Ronnie brought the kid's Christmas presents, and gave Duncan this giant 54 piece Thomas floor puzzle. Duncan LOVES it. He has done it probably 10 times already since last night. So that's a hit.

They left around 9:30, and we made it to bed around 11. These days I've been letting Cordie sleep instead of getting her up before I go to bed, but she was stirring, and I was tired, so I decided to get her up and nurse her to avoid going to sleep only to be woken 30 minutes later by a hungry girl.

I noticed then that her breathing was different. I thought "hmmmm....". Fed her, put her back to bed, but I never totally fell asleep, listening to her.

Flash back about 5 weeks when our friends Cynthia, Gus and Connor were visiting from Edmonton. Gus is an Emergency Physician. Connor had a croup "attack" while they were out. So the next day Gus was very matter of factly explaining to me (at my questioning) about croup, how it presents, what it is, what to do about it, etc... So when Cordie woke up at 12:30 crying and coughing with that deep wheeze/seal like bark I knew exactly what it was. I'm glad I knew, b/c if I didn't I might have been a lot more worried. I said to Bill "Cordie has croup, I need to take her to the hospital". So we bundled her up and off I went. It was kind of funny b/c I wasn't in the least bit worried or panicked, and this showed at the ER because they asked "have you had a child with this before?"

For the record I'm not someone prone to panic or anything. I'm actually rather "matter of fact" about some things, but hey, when you think your child can't breathe, you might be prone to being upset.

OK, it's now 10 PM and I started this post I think some time this morning. So let me 'splain... no, that would take too long, let me sum up. Doctors checked Cordie out, otherwise was fine, yes she has croup, expect it to "wax and wane" over the next 5 days. They gave her something to breathe in which would make it easier for last night (which it did).

Got home at 2:30 AM, fed her, was WIDE AWAKE. Both of us were (Bill was waiting up at home for us). I finally fell asleep around 3:30, Bill, not until 5 AM. I was up at 6:30. Soooo... I was a bit tired today.

Into Sunday adventures quick. We decided to still go to church b/c hey, if we're tired, we'll be tired no matter where we are, and it was Duncan's Sunday School performance. We didn't think he'd go up with the kids, but I brought the camera just in case. No, not even remotely. In fact, he wouldn't even stand with the kids in practice before they went up to sing. And, this was hilarious, as we're sitting watching all the other children he says "Hey, look at all my friends!" My parents were laughing at him. My Dad asked why he wasn't up there too, and Duncan just grinned at him. Cordie gave my Dad lots and lots of good cuddles, which was really, really sweet.

We left early, I got a nap in, got some quilting in, Duncan and I went grocery shopping and almost got T-boned by an idiot who didn't notice the red light and also went sliding on the wet pavement when he tried to brake. Even more stupid, I wasn't even the 1st car through the intersection - that's how red the light was!! But I saw him, braked, and we avoided it. Grrr... you don't mess with me, but even more, you don't mess with me when I've got my kids in the car!

And here we are. Sunday night. I'm going into the office tomorrow with Cordie to wish people a Merry Christmas. Mom is coming along, and then we're going on to do some shopping (after meeting Theresa for coffee).  I'm done shopping, but it will be a fun morning.

Carole out.

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