Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday night

Good evening!

It's 8:30, the kids are in bed... ahhh...

How are you? Well I hope. We're doing good. Now that Duncan has returned to routine, so has his behaviour, which is so refreshing. Our little man turns 3 in a week and a half... crazy! He is doing awesome in school, and verbally and skills wise he is just doing awesome. Not to say that he's ahead of where he should be or anything, but he's certainly not behind either. We're just keeping it super simple for his birthday - as usual. Next week Saturday we'll have some friends and family over, have nibbly food out, let the kids play, cake, presents, we're good to go. Quite honestly he is still young enough that he's not aware of what birthdays are or mean, and so you can tell him you're goign to have a party, and he knows it means cake and presents, but if we didn't tell him when his birthday was he wouldn't even know he'd missed it.

I'm trying to ramp up Christmas this year too. This is going to be the 1st year he might really get into it. So we're talking a lot about Jesus' birthday (he understands that we pray to Jesus and thank him for what we have), and we give gifts to each other to celebrate this. But we also have fun with the Santa aspect. He wants to ask Santa for the Take-Along Thomas set, but I have a feeling when it comes to seeing Santa he won't be comfortable actually sitting on his knee yet. I also want to make a Santa key (since we don't have a chimney). We're also doing this Christmas Fun on Friday's thing through the community. Cordie stays home (alone, no big deal... ha ha, just kidding, either with Bill, or today my Mom watched her) and we make crafts and stuff. It's fun. I talked our neighbour into signing her daughter up too, so we get to see them. It's supposed to be a drop your kids off for an hour kind of thing, but I stick around. I like helping Duncan - or other kids too if needed.

Cordie is good. Well, tonight she fell on her face (yes, she's fine Mom), and that was quite traumatic for her, but otherwise, she's good. She had a cold this week, and teething, so we had a few rough nights, but those have both settled down again. I also started her on solids this week. Kind of funny because she just turned 6 months, and I didn't necessarily feel that we needed to start the minute she turned 6 months, but that's just how it turned out, and so far she's taken to it quite well! And, bless her, she slept through the night last night, until after 6:30 this morning. I remember when Duncan started solids that when when he started sleeping through the night, so I won't complain if this is a trend!

Tomorrow is Dad's big 70th birthday celebration (his actual birthday is tomorrow), so that will be both really nice, and good to be over with - just due to the planning involved. The following week is Turducken at John and Amy's. Kids are welcome, but I'm hoping Mom can baby sit Duncan because their place is pretty tiny, and it also means we can hang out a bit longer if we don't need to worry about getting home to bed. We'll see how that all pans out. Then the next day is Duncan's birthday party, and the day after that is Meaghan's birthday party... phew! I think from here on it we're going to be busy - but that's alright.

Well I hope you all have a good weekend and that Tanya has a baby. Bill thinks you're faking it Tanya :) I still vote for yelling "FIRE!" and seeing if that works. *grin*.

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Tanya said...

What did you get your dad for his birthday?