Saturday, November 7, 2009

Early Saturday morning

Cordelia has been doing this waking up early and staying up thing. I remember when Duncan was little we used to have some really early mornings too, starting the tradition of short straw/long straw for who gets to sleep in. But quite honestly as long as I'm nursing, I need to get up. I try to be quiet so Bill can get some extra sleep - one of us might as well! I'm more prone to napping than Bill is too, so I can recoup if I need to during the day. But as it is, by 6:30 this morning Bill was downstairs with me. It is now just after 7, both kids are sleeping, but we're both up.

So after our shots on Tuesday my arm was stinking sore on Wednesday, and then I started feeling quite cruddy. But it turns out it was kind of a side effect of getting the shot b/c later on I was fine, and still am. Duncan seems to have suffered no side effects at all that's he's told us of.

Our friends from Edmonton were supposed to come in on Wednesday, but they were late getting off, so they didn't come until Thursday. But it's been great seeing them. This is Cynthia, Gus, and their son Connor. Cynthia and Gus went to University with Bill - they are from Newfoundland too. Gus works for the Army and is a medical doctor. He just got his Emergency Medicine designation (not sure how that all works in doctor world). Cynthia is the angel who has been giving us all of the awesome hand me downs that Duncan wears (she is responsible for probably 90% of his wardrobe), and thereby Warren and some other little boys around here wear. And of course she came with a bunch more, including winter boots. Cynthia rocks. So I need to return the one's we'd already bought Duncan from Superstore. See, last year we waiting way too long to buy some and ended up getting whatever we could, as opposed to what we wanted.

Anyhow, it took Duncan a little bit to warm up to Connor (who is 9 months older then Duncan) b/c frankly, as we said, Duncan is used to being the sharer of toys (using Brayden and Riley's toys at daycare) not the sharee - having someone come in and use his stuff. But once he warmed up the two of them were a hoot to watch. Playing trains, running around. At one point I went and checked on them and they were sitting on Duncan's bed chatting away to each other - who knows about what - but they were having a blast. We (less Bill, he was working) met them at the Vancouver Aquarium on Friday. That was fun. I'm glad I didn't need to pay for the kids though - it's kind of steep! I had a blinding headache though. So after lunch we went to get Bill from work. We were early, but his boss let him take off early. Both kids had fallen asleep in the back - which worked out great for nap time. I think they will be visiting again this morning before taking back off eastwards. And then this afternoon Jesse and Laura are coming for a visit. We haven't visited with them in ages, so that will be awesome.

And then it's my Dad's 70th birthday in 2 weeks and so some of his siblings from Holland flew in last night (dad is 13 of 14 kids). I think it's awesome they've come out for him. So Mom and Dad have company for the next 2.5 weeks. I'll need to go and visit at some point b/c it will be good to see them. Because Dad's family is so large (honestly, I don't even know all my cousins on his side) I'm kind of the "representative" child from my parents. But I don't mind. I love my aunts and uncles (some of whom are the same age as my grandparents on my Mom's side were), and it will be fun to have them meeting Duncan and Cordie.

Alright, Duncan is waking up now. Question - are my blog posts too long? Should I not babble on, and just keep them short and easier to read in your RSS feed? Or does this work for you? let me know. All 5 of you. *grin*


Tanya said...

Oooh nice theme!
I think your posts are just fine. They show up just fine in my RSS reader.

Nancy said...

I'm not one to talk about long and rambly posts so keep it up!