Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday night

Good evening everyone,

About time to retire for the night. Cordie has slept through the night the last 3 nights, which has been wonderful, and yet I'm still beat. I think it's because my body has been realizing what it has been missing. But it is funny that the day she started solids she started sleeping through the night, just like Duncan did.

We had a fantastic weekend. We celebrated Dad's 70th birthday on Saturday and had a wonderful afternoon doing so. We ended up, basically, getting him dinner at his favourite restaurant in Maui for when they will be there in January. He was very happy with that. We had relatives fly in from Holland and from Ontario, and it was great to see some of my aunts and uncles I don't get to see too often. They also loved having Duncan and Cordie as surrogate grandchildren while they were away. My cousin had a baby girl only about 3 weeks before I had Cordie, so my uncle, I think, was missing his grand daughter quite a bit. At one point on Saturday he walks up to me "she is far too heavy for you, let me" and took her from my arms. How sweet that was. And later she fell asleep on my brother Jeff, which was also just so cute. Erik, Katherine (my nephew and niece) and Duncan also did awesome for an afternoon filled with "old" people. Erik is so awesome with Duncan, and Katherine has just learned how to read, and was reading me her books. That was awesome.

We had bought "Up" this past week so in the evening we popped some pop corn and sat down and watched it. I loved it. Later we watched Star Trek, which was also good.

This morning was church. The last time Duncan went to Sunday school I had to stay, but this morning I just dropped him and left and he did awesome. "I had fun" he said. Did you sing songs? Yep I did! What songs did you sing? Happy Birthday. (they are learning songs for the Christmas program, but apparently Happy Birthday stuck with him more).

I slipped down the stairs yesterday. Yes Mom, I'm fine. I was hanging on to the rail and my heel slipped out from under me and thump thump thump I went. Bill's reaction time was awesome. I thought I was going to be quite sore today, but I seem to be fine. Tomorrow will be the true test.

Alright, I am ready for bed and I need to get Sweet Pea up to feed her once yet.

Nancy - your weekend sounds exhausting. But cool on the furniture, enjoy your trip this week, and yay Alex on a good baseball game.

Tanya - hang in there honey!! I also had to do the non-stress test. I really hope Bun shows up with out being induced because being induced sucks. Love you lots dear.

PS - this sucks. I was really behind on my blog reading this week and I won something, but I missed the deadline to respond, so they had to draw another name. D'oh!! Easy come, easy go.

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