Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today - November 16, 2009


Outside my window: It's overcast. We've had some pretty good "fall" weather over the past few days. Doesn't bother me - it's fall!

I am hearing: Bonnie Hunt. The dryer. Two children sleeping (which is to say nothing)

I am thinking: I should be doing something, but I'm too tired

I am hoping: Cordelia sleeps better tonight. Between teething and her cold, she has had a few rough nights - and therefore so have we.

I am reading: still Echo in the bone. What can I say - I don't take enough time to read.

I am creating: Just washing fabric to start on my next quilt top.

I am wearing: Jeans, t-shirt, socks. Exciting!

In the kitchen:

* Monday: pork roast (and seeing as this is Tuesday, this got a "phenomenal" rating from Bill.
* Tuesday - chicken stir fry. Chicken is expensive. That frustrates me.
* Wednesday - Sloppy joes variation
*Thursday - some oven baked chicken recipe
* Friday - some steak based recipe.

I won this membership to Relishrelish.com which helps you with meal planning. So this is my 1st week using it. I like it! But that's why I forget the exact names of the recipes I'm going to be using.

Around the house: I need to clean. I'll get there.

Plans for the week: Dad's birthday on Saturday. This is the big 70th party. I still don't know what to get him. *sigh*. And I just found out my brother Tim has H1N1 and has been knocked off his butt by it, and there is concern my brother Sean may not be able to make it due to bad weather on the Coquihalla. We'll see later in the week, but it was be a total shame if he can't make it due to weather. Oh, and I have MOPS tomorrow.

A few of my favorite things: sleep.

A picture thought:

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Tanya said...

1. An MP3 player and gift certificate to iTunes or Audible so he can listen to cool stuff while he putters about.
2. Gift certificates to his favourite places, all organized around a theme. Eg: Fun Gardening Day - a cafe, the gardening store, and a hardware store
3. A free pass to "the most fun he could have...EVER" - maybe he wants a full day with Duncan, or he wants to go to Manning Park for a weekend but needs a driver?
4. A gag gift. Cover his lawn with pink flamingoes, or something.
5. Pretend you thought you needed to get gifts for a SEVEN year old. 7 year old card, LEGO, and a themed cake.

S'all I've got for now.

I love you!