Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Well we all seem to be on the mend. Duncan, Bill, and I all still have a cough. Cordie has not come down with one - I hope it stays that way. She is snuffly, and she has a goopy eye - I may need to get it checked out tomorrow. She is also teething, so miserable none-the-less.

Yesterday we were about ready to sell Duncan. JUST KIDDING. He was being very 3 (although we have a few weeks before we technically reach that designation). We totally understand that he had this cold, had been mostly couped up in the house for an entire week etc... but he honestly threw an hour long temper tantrum when it was nap time. He was over tired and just refused to settle down. We eventually let him get up because, honestly, there was no point in us trying to continue to prove our point. Today though, he was awesome. Well behaved, normal fun Duncan. Tomorrow he heads back to Nikki's and I think that will be good. It will help him burn off energy with the other boys and get back into things. He missed all day care and all school last week, so I think he's wanting to get back into it.

I plan on taking Cordie to Peek-A-Book at the library tomorrow, but it will depend on her goopy eye and if I need to take her to the doctor. I think it's one of these simple prescription for drops kind of things. So I'm not worried about it, but it likely does need to be treated.

My Dad's birthday is next Saturday. 70 years old! Go Dad! I need to come up with something extra special to get him... bah, we won't even go there right now. Long story.

Mom is safely home from her conference. I happened to catch her in her room one night, so that was fun to chat. We'd been hoping to go over with this kids this afternoon yet but her flight was too far delayed getting in (some fellow who checked his bags but never showed up for the flight, so they had to unload all the luggage to get his bags off) before our dinner time for us to go over. Too bad too as Duncan was really looking forward to seeing Opa and Oma. When the weather is not pouring like it is today, we often go for walks at a local park on Sunday afternoons after nap.

I need to finally start making an effort to pump and get Cordie to take a bottle. I have several things coming up that I need to be gone for up to 6 hours. I'm just so lazy!! Nursing is so much easier. Can you believe our sweet little Cordelia is 6 months old tomorrow?! I guess I need to think about solids at some point too. She's quiet content with the boob, but we can't do that forever!

Alright, yawning here. No news on Bun's arrival yet from Tanya. Thinking of you dear!

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Tanya said...

No baby here.
Breast milk: squirt it in Cordie's eye. Breast milk is magical! It has healing properties. You know I'm not even remotely kidding.