Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playing catch up

I was going to do one of those "Today" Posts, but now it's Tuesday already... so forget it. Next week. Colorado Nancy says it's a special blogging month where you're supposed to post every day... but I already ruined it as it's the 3rd, so oh well! But Nancy, I enjoy your posts! So keep writing.

There is both a lot and so little going on right now.
  • Duncan and I got our H1N1 shots today. My arm is already sore. Duncan did awesome. He yelped right away, but I'd brought a special thing for him and right away said "hey Duncan look!" and it did the trick. And when we left he even said thank you to the doctor (totally unprompted) which just tickled our doctor.
  • But at that, he missed his nap today. He was still really well behaved in the afternoon, but tired.
  • Theresa, bless her heart, came and hung out with Cordie while we were gone. We ended up being gone for an hour and a 1/2 (doctor's office is quite swamped, so they were further behind than normal) and so I'm glad I didn't need to drag her along for all of it. Cordie napped almost the whole time we were gone, so all Theresa had to do was veg on the couch. She is home, with the flu. Nice, 'eh? I ask my neighbour who has the flu to come watch my kid so we can go get flu shots. I wouldn't have asked if she wasn't up for it.
  • Tonight Mom and I went to check out the place where we're having Dad's birthday party, pick up menus, and then we were going to go eat. But it was so quiet in there and Cordie was along, we opted for the Olive Garden instead. Most of Mom's co-workers happened to be there, so we joined their table (thereby avoiding a 20 minute wait) which ended up being awesome. Just a nice group of women who are always so welcoming to me, even though I don't work there.
  • The new teacher was sitting beside me... we're chatting... went to the same high school (although graduated 9 years apart), turns out we also went to the same church in Burnaby for some time - which is why she seemed so familiar! So that was really great chatting with her.
  • Cordie was just over done. She just doesn't do well in other settings. Duncan could crash anywhere. Cordie, while a super laid back baby, does not do well in the "oh, I'll just sleep in my car seat" type deals. This means I really need to get her taking a bottle soon b/c I have a few nights out coming up.

So that was today. It was a good day. Most days are. I'm very blessed. Oh, and Bill and Duncan had boys night - supper together, played trains etc...

Oh, so Halloween was fun. I'm quite surprised Duncan actually dressed up, but he was his little cowboy self, and we picked up a stuffed horse (he insisted he have a horse) and he's named him Stand Up. Is that not an awesome name for a horse? Anyhow, we went to Oma and Opa's in the afternoon, and then came home and went around our complex, to maybe 14 homes. That was enough for Duncan. Cordie stayed home and helped Bill hand out candy. And like Nancy said for her boys, Duncan likes the idea of candy much more than the actual candy. Give him a choice for something from the bowl - he chooses the Craisins my parents gave him. Open a box of Smarties (which are kind of like M&Ms for my American friends) he'll eat maybe 5 and be done. This means we're helping him out a bit. This also makes me glad we did not go to more houses.

Bill is doing much better. The drugs they gave him seemed to do the trick. So while his energy is still really low, and he has a cough, he is no longer as sick as he was.

Tomorrow our friends from Edmonton were supposed to be rolling in, but I just got an email saying they'll be in on Thursday instead. This gives me more time to clean. Will be good to see them. And then on Saturday Laura is coming up (and possibly Jesse) for a visit. That will be awesome b/c I've been wanting to spend time with Laura but Cordie does not travel well.

This is probably too long already. So I'll sign off and catch up on the 38 emails and 142 Reader items that are unread. Oh, and I need to change the template for my blog b/c I've decided I don't like this design too much. But honestly, who actually goes to a blog these days? Doesn't everyone use RSS? *grin* Just kidding. Good night!

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