Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday night

Hi! Not much to say here.

I was taking a nap this afternoon...or trying. Cordie wasn't too keen on the idea, anyhow, you know that weird place in your mind when you're drifting to sleep, but still 1/2 awake but your mind is wandering? yeah, that's weird isn't it?

Took Duncan for a haircut today, and he did awesome! Michelle is just the Queen and she totally worked with him, let him have it cut in her kitchen instead of the hair dressing room she has... normally he screams, but she pulled out some old Thomas books her son has and so he and I looked through it while she cut his hair. We were tempted to grow it out, but he gets so warm and I wanted him looking all nice for Preschool starting next Tuesday.

This weekend Amy and I are planning on hitting the big Cloverdale Kid Swap (swapping stuff, not kids) and possibly the baby fair. Should be fun. I need a dresser for Cordie. Bill and my Dad are going to be putting down the laminate we got off of Freecycle a year ago into the kids' rooms. The carpet in there is old, old, old, so it will be good to have that done. We're thinking, once again, of listing next year. We want to get into a house, and with the HST coming in and that will affect realtor fees... anyhow, we talk big, but we'll see what happens.

Oh, and finally, just learned that my brother lost his job. So if you can send prayers/job finding vibes to my brother b/c he lives about 4 hours away, and so he's a bit more on his own. Granted, he was miserable there, but it was still a job. So let's pray he finds a new one soon.

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