Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh, my little boy is growing up

As we speak he's refusing to nap, but I'm making him lay down for a bit anyhow b/c he needs his rest. He didn't nap for Nikki yesterday either. He is way too young to not nap any more. I was hoping to do a bit of quilting this afternoon, as Cordie also just fell asleep, but I guess not.

Today was Duncan's 1st day of preschool. Crazy. Of course he was the one who made the fuss as I left, but he settled right after I was gone, as it his norm in a new situation. I think he's going to love going and doing all the new things and making new friends. He is the youngest in the class, but I'm not too concerned at this time about that.

Also a 1st this week, he is no longer having a bottle. Yes, I know, he was still having a bottle, but I figured he's starting school, and turns 3 in 2.5 months, so time to stop. He'd been having one at nap (perhaps part of the reason he's not napping, but whatever), and one before bed. The before bed one was easy. I was out with a friend at a kids stuff swap meet last Saturday (which was a zoo! Remind me (I won't need reminding) to never go to one of those with a toddler and stroller again. Duncan was awesomely behaved, but it was way too crowded in there) and I saw her little girl drinking from a Nuby sippy cup. Got me to thinking it was kind of like a bottle, and we have a few of those up in the cupboard. So we call it his "special" bottle, but it's not, it's just a sippy cup. He still has his milk before bed and before we brush his teeth, but just from a normal sippy now. He's been none too happy about the none at nap time rule, but he hasn't had one at Nikki's in months and months, so it's not like he needs one.

His words are just improving all the time. I love that he finds funny things funny - he is "getting" humour, and he can tell me stories. Like when we look at a book together. I can read it once and then I get him to tell me what happens on each page, and you can tell he understands what's going on.

What's going on otherwise... We're putting laminate in the kids' rooms on Friday. That will be nice to have done. We've had the stuff for a year now and it's taking up so much space in our storage closet. We're thinking of going on the market in the new year. I like to look at the housing web sites anyhow, and found the house I totally want for us. But we're not in a position to sell and move yet. And then as a bigger tease our banker called to tell me that mortgage rates have gone down even further. We had a bit of a discussion about housing costs though and honestly with a 35 year mortgage, the house I like, would only be $1500+ a month. Which is a fair chunk of change, but not outrageous, and only $400 more than we're paying now. So it's doable. Okay, I am not surprised, that house has already sold. It was awesome. 3 bedrooms, split level rancher, huge back yard. If we get something like that when we go looking I will be tickled.

Okay, it sounds like Duncan may have actually fallen asleep! Wow! Maybe quilting will happen after all... hmmm...

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Nancy said...

Have I ever told you Alex stopped napping at home way before he turned 3? Ugh. We used to drive him up and down the highway as it was the only way he'd sleep. Zach complains about taking a nap but unless I'm dragging him away from some fun thing he's playing with, he almost always takes a 1-2 hour nap.