Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Misc stuff

We just booked our trip to the San Diego Comic Con for 2010. I hope this pans out. It is going to be part in celebration of our 10th anniversary. And in part b/c we've been wanting to go for some time now. Mom has said she'll watch the kids over the 4 days we're gone. That will be the hardest part I think - being away from them. Now we need a place to crash in SD.

I also just got our tickets to the Dougie MacLean concert next Wednesday. That will be fun.

Oh, hang on. Duncan is finally done supper - 45 minutes after we were. Bill is reading one of the Harry Potter books, I've been puttering around on the 'puter. Let me go clean him up. Alright, I'm back. Bolt is on the tv. Cute movie. The soundtrack to this movie is wasted on it. It's a good soundtrack. Anyhow, just so you know Duncan wasn't being punished by us making him eat supper that long. He just took that long, quite contentedly, to eat it. No problem. We weren't in a rush.

School is going well for him. When I dropped him off today I told them to not let him fool them and he can get his boots on by himself. I did get a call to come change a stinky bottom. So I think until he is potty trained I won't be able to do things like run errands while he is at school. I'll just need to chill around the house. No problem. Always lots to do!

Diana Gabaldon's new book came out today. An Echo In The Bone. I'll be popping out to Costco tomorrow to pick it up. I'm a slow reader, so I won't be one of these done by Friday kind of people.

Been enjoying quilting more again. I picked up this book on fantasy themed quilts using a method called paper piecing. A method which scares me. But I'm giving it a go b/c there are a bunch of patterns in there I want to try.

Duncan wants to play Thomas games on the computer, so I will run. Take care!

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