Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Ramblings

Good evening friends
Just a bunch of random things going through my mind. I just bought the Haiti benefit album from the telethon last week. It's beautiful. I love the acoustic sounds of all the songs. Right now the song Halleluia - originally by Leonard Cohen I believe. I think Rufus Wainright's version (as heard on Shrek of all sound tracks) is my favourite. But it is such a gorgeous song.

I haven't actually bought much through iTunes. There seems to be very little music that impresses me these days, and so 99% of my music on my iPod is from cds we've transfered over. But I'm enjoying this.

A few things:
  • I had an awesome visit with Tanya and the boys coming over today. Tanya - thank you so much for taking the time to head our direction. I really loved seeing you all. Bill did too. 
  • I twittered (@carolem) this - but I'm seriously contemplating starting a reviews/giveaway blog. I figure I read enough of them, I know what I like, so why not? Bill is on board with it agreeing that he'd help as he is a writing genius. I'm also going to ask my friend Andrea tomorrow if she might be interested (Andrea, if you're reading this, be prepared!! LOL!) as she is a technical genius when it comes to publishing/web site design (the guts behind), etc... I've been picking the brains of some of the ladies whose blogs I follow and they are very supportive. The name I have going right now is Messy Chic Mama (b/c darn it Messy Chic was taken for blogspot).
  • I have a $50 Chapters giftcard to use - what book have you read recently that you totally think I need to buy and read? Nancy, was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies good?
  • Bill has been off this week. I love my husband. As I said to Tanya today I'm not one of these "oh I need a break from my husband" kind of people. I like it when he's around, and although it sucks he has had to miss work, it's been awesome otherwise. And it's been extra awesome for him and Cordie to spend time together. Cordie adores him. I love it. Duncan on the other hand has been off because of it when he goes to Nikki's and school. I don't blame him. 
  • So today Duncan didn't nap. He was still good but crashed within minutes of going to bed. Please don't tell me my boy is moving beyond naps! I rely on that time!! 
  • Check out for some pictures I just uploaded.


Nancy said...

I really liked Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Go for it!

I hate to tell you but between your post the other day about Duncan delaying bedtime, and the fact that he crashed last night, may mean nap time is nearing its end. Sorry! :)

Good luck with the review blog, I've thought about doing it but already have way too much on my plate. I would love to get free products though!

AndreaD said...

Thanks for thinking of me but as much as I love free stuff I find I do not read the free blogs and I think I already have a ton of work for my 4 hours a week. ;-)

Something to think about:

And I noticed a post on Cake Wrecks a little while ago that she was cutting back on posting every day because it was just too much.