Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi friends! Happy New Year to you all! I have not had/taken the time to blog lately. I will try to do so soon. Basically - Christmas was great (Bill got me some beautiful amythyst earrings and a Keurig coffee maker), it was awesome with the kids. The quilts I made for gifts went over all (I think, mostly). Boxing Day big dinner with aunts/uncles etc... Usually a huge affair, but not this year, but that actually made it nice b/c everyone could chat together. My brother Jeff is an awesome story teller, so he entertained us.

Bill asked if I could make some turkey soup. So I asked Mom if I could have the carcass - sure, she said, no one else has asked for it. Except it was a 23 lb turkey. That's a lot of carcass. That made a lot of soup. Several gallons in fact (not exagerating). Bill says "I wanted SOME soup, SOME! Not gallons!" LOL. But it's yummy. It's in baggies in the freezer at Mom and Dad's now.

Um... let's see. Rogers saw our blogs/rant about the whole iPhone thing and their head office called to see if they could make things right with us. The long and the short of it is that they are giving us the iPhones for the introductory price on a 3-year contract. I am really impressed and pleased and I told them so.

We bought a new king sized bed!! Could we afford it? Naw... LOL but our mattress is giving up the ghost, and we've been wanting a bigger bed for a while now (easier to have little kids climb in, even though they don't sleep with us). We shopped around and a local furniture place (where really we get most our stuff anyhow) set us up with a great deal. The mattresses get delivered next week and the bed itself a week or two after that.

New Years eve was nice. Chris, Ronnie and the kids, and Theresa came over. Very, very low key.  I'm surprised I lasted until midnight. Everyone was gone by 12:05. LOL! But it was great to have our friends over, the kids were awesomely behaved too. Not that I expect otherwise, but really, considering how late it was, they did good. Duncan was up until just before 10 - that is wayyyyy past his bed time, but he did good too.

I'm tired though.

Next week Wednesday morning I'm having a mole removed from the top of my head. I've been wanting this done for a long time now, and so now we're doing it. I know it will be ouchie, but it will be good to have it done.

Duncan wants to watch train movies on YouTube so I need to run.

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