Thursday, January 7, 2010

Avatar and other stuff

We finally got to go see Avatar tonight. We were going to go last week I think it was, and had Mom lined up as a baby sitter, but we couldn't get tickets, and decided to wait. Theresa saw it, said it was great, and said she'd baby sit one night if we wanted to go. So we took her up on that offer.

We were both really impressed. It's not often that I feel a movie lives up to the hype. And while largely predictable, it was still amazingly entertaining, beautiful, emotional, action packed... just everything it should have been. We saw it on IMAX 3D, which was also cool. The glasses hurt my nose though.  We showed up 45 minutes early and still had to sit in the 2nd row, but the beauty of IMAX is that there are no bad seats. We agreed this will def. be one we buy when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

Other stuff - I had that mole removed from my head yesterday. Glad to get it done. It aches only slightly now. I have to have some stitches removed in just over a week. I have wanted it removed to years now, but before my doctor said b/c it was purely cosmetic, and there is always risk of infection, and it was hidden in my hair, let's leave it alone. But now it was time. Mom watched Cordie for me, which was also great.

I went there, I had a headache already - we'd slept in (not something that happens too often in this house!) and so I started the day in a rush, and that made the headache worse, and then laying backward on the table at the office - blood rushing to head for 15 minutes - also didn't help. So it was pretty nasty by the time I was done - unrelated to the actual mole beign removed. But handy being at a doctor's office, he gave me some Advil Liquid Caps. Well by the time I was driving home I felt positively ill, and when I got home it was a brutal migraine. My poor Mom - she had to get back to work, but I know she felt bad leaving me. Anyhow, I did end up getting sick, but after that it totally eased up. Thank goodness. I told Nikki I was glad it was a day Duncan was with her, because Cordie is easy - hold her on your lap, or some such, and he's happy. By afternoon I was fine.

Bill has a flex day tomorrow. My folks are about to take off to Hawaii for a month (!) so we're trying to hook up with them somehow before they go. I also really need to buy a new car seat for Cordie this weekend. She's simply too big for the infant carrier any more, although I'll miss the convenience of it!  No other plans though. We've signed Duncan up for Sportball starting next weekend, and Cordie and I will do Waterbabies starting a few weeks after that. We missed signing Duncan up for this round of swimming, so we'll need to make sure to get him in for the spring time. He's now at an age where he does it on his own in the toddler pool. Crazy how much our boy is growing. Both of them! Cordie is almost as tall as Hannah, who is 9 months older than her. Hannah (Nikki's daughter) is not particularly small or short for her age - she's just right, and neither is Cordie particularly large for her age, but that's the way of it.

Alright, 11 PM, and Cordie-ella may be waking up soon, so I should go get ready for bed.

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