Saturday, January 9, 2010

Car seats, mattresses and other stuff... oh my!

Cordie has outgrown her infant car seat. *sigh* It's so hard to let go of ye olde infant seat b/c it makes her so darned portable! Now we'll need to do the buckle one child in, go back for the other etc... (okay, not entirely true, Duncan can walk outside and stand around etc...) but before it was good b/c I could get Cordie already to go, and then pop the seat into the base and we were set. Our neighbours, smart folk that they are, have an infant carrier good up to 35 lbs. Now, while this would be heavy to lug, when I'm running behind dropping Duncan off at school (ie every time he has school) it's nice I can just drag her along. But now I'll need to leave 5 minutes earlier so I can get her in the stroller etc... Oh the life. *grin* Tanya, you're right in that having a car parked right outside the front door certainly makes it easier for lugging children in and out. I hope you get a good routine down.

We bought a new bed last week (I think I mentioned this before). We were really hoping the mattress was going to be delivered this week, but I guess not. I called them on Thursday and they said it might come in on Friday and if so they would give me a shout for delivery on Saturday. But no call, so we'll be waiting until some time next week I suppose (kind of have no choice there).

And that's it! Carry on, carry on...

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ModernMom said...

Oh I so remember that transition from the baby car seat! It is just as you said. As much as I missed being able to lug my second one around in that was getting so heavy!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today, great to meet you:)