Friday, January 15, 2010

Adjusting to a king sized bed

Oh, the hassles of life - adjusting to a king sized bed.

Let's step back about 9.5 years when Bill and I 1st got married. I'd been sleeping alone in a queen sized bed for quite some time, and it took a while for both of us to adjust to actually sharing a bed. I'd been sleeping sprawled in the middle of a bed for quite some time, and now I could only sleep on half of it? ha! And sharing blankets...well truth be told we slept under separate blankets after 1st got married because I had a hard time getting used to sharing the blankets. I think Bill might argue I never did get used to it :)

Bill has a bad back. I won't get into the medical side of things, but that bad back isn't going away. We decided, as we could feel the springs in our current mattress that despite the fact that we didn't have the money (bad, I know, but it is what it is) that we would go ahead and upgrade to a king sized bed.

That bed came on Wednesday. It's beautiful. We're still waiting for the actual bed (headboard, base board, side rails) but that actual mattress is here.

What's funny is that it's actually taking a bit for us to adjust to such a freaking large bed! After years of sleeping within 2" of the side of the bed to keep from bumping into each other with elbows and knees etc, we're still doing that, despite the 3 feet of space that now lies between us. You know, it's something willing to learn to live with :) And oh boy is this thing comfortable!! I was napping today and frankly did not want to get up when one of my kids needed me.

And here is Cordelia modeling our new bed:

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