Monday, January 4, 2010

Datebook January 4, 2010

Miss me? I'm going to try and blog more consistently. And what better way to start than with my 1st datebook of 2010. Join in the fun, do it yourself!


Outside my window: It is raining. It's gray and dark. But that's okay, I've no where to go.

I am hearing: The news is on.

I am thinking: I need to get going on my project here.

I am hoping: I can stick with better eating habits and starting to exercise again. Now that Christmas is over - and quite frankly, we got through Christmas relatively unscathed in terms of bad eating. Not being in the office helped that as all the horribly yummy food was not available to me. Also, oddly, a lack of socializing helped.

I am reading: my cheese romance yet. I need to focus on reading more. Really. I think I'm going to try and step it up. Not quite to the level that Nancy does, but maybe.... 26 books this year? Honestly, I'm a slow reader, so I'm not going to beat myself up for not reading more. However, Bill did get my A Lion Among Men, which is the most recent book in the Wicked Years series by Maguire (1st book, Wicked, 2nd Son of a Witch). I've ended up enjoying this series so much more than I thought I would. I hear his other stuff is good too.

I am creating: Well, nothing right now. I finished all 3 quilting projects for Christmas. That's right 3 - fooled you didn't I mom? I couldn't mention the 3rd one here, but now she's rec'd it we're in the clear. Now I'm debating starting my quilt for Cordie made with blocks sent in from my quilting friends - but a few people have said they want to send more, so I guess I'll wait there. I am going to make wall hangings of a St. George and the Dragon, but we're hoping to paint the masterbed room, and Bill thinks I should wait until it's been painted so I can match the colours better (good point). I also have 4 (2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008) Western Washington Shop Hop quilts to work on. And finally, my SIL, Kelly, in Sweden will be having a baby boy in February, and seeing as I made a quilt for Erik when he was born, new baby should get his own too. Certainly not a lack of things to do!

I am wearing: Some clothes I threw on to dash out the door and drop Duncan off at daycare. It will be nice this week to get back into routine, although the Christmas break was wonderful.

In the kitchen: In no specific order - crock pot lasagne, meat loaf, chicken and pineapple, bacon and tomato pasta, and another pasta dish I think. We've got a menu planned through Friday.

Plans for the week: Well on Wednesday I'm having a mole removed from the top of my head. I've had this thing since I was a kid, but it's getting bigger, so off it goes. It's going to hurt! Ouch! Also have MOPS (but I prob won't make it b/c of said mole being removed right before MOPS is). Otherwise, cleaning, caring for the kids - you know, the usual Mom stuff. I still have 4 months off work, but damned if it isn't flying by.

A few of my favorite things:  Duncan singing "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. It's awesome in his 1/2 a beat late, off tune singing with all his heart. I love Duncan singing. Cordie babbles/smiles/giggles. She loves her big brother so much, and he her, it is so cute. He babbles to her and she totally responds. And finally, my new Keurig coffee maker. Oh I love this thing!!

A picture thought:


Nancy said...

Looks like it works now!

kailani said...

Do you really have all those meals made for the week? I really should do something like that.

Kelly said...

:) put the crib up yesterday and little brother was allowed to have a lone of eriks quilt until he gets his own :)