Monday, January 11, 2010

Datebook - January 11, 2010


Outside my window: It is pouring out. Very mild. It’s 11 degrees C! That’s down right warm!

I am hearing: Elmo’s World. The washing machine.

I am thinking: I should get C and myself some breakfast.

I am hoping: Duncan’s tummy settles soon. It’s 2 hours later now. He seems to be better.

I am reading: Well kind of nothing. I’m still reading Echo as it were – but I haven’t opened it in weeks. It’s a good book and all, I’m just not in the mood for it. I’ve been playing the Sudoku game Bill gave me for Christmas in any free moments I’m stealing.

I am creating: Nothing. But I am going to make some bibs for Cordelia soon, a new cover for her high chair, and that quilt for Kelly’s baby.

I am wearing: Brown stretchy pants. My black t-shirt which has a cat  over fish bones – looks like a Jolly Roger but not a skull and cross bones.

In the kitchen: Last night was cheese tortellini with a tomato, spinach and basil topping (almost healthy!), there is also pork chops and home made apple sauce, slow cooker spaghetti sauce (which will, of course, be accompanied by spaghetti), and it was supposed to be chicken with pepperoni, but the pepperoni was expensive, so I’m going with ham... almost a fake chicken cordon bleu. Tonight Bill is at the hockey game, so I have no idea what I’ll be doing.

Plans for the week: Nothing specific. They days all miraculously fill up pretty quick. Today for example. I wasn’t expecting to have Duncan home, so that kind of changes things on the fly. Let’s hope that mattress comes soon!

A few of my favourite things:  You know  - just my usuals. My kids. My husband. My Keurig. *grin*

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