Monday, January 18, 2010

Datebook January 18, 2009


Outside my window: It’s dark.

I am hearing: The dishwasher. Bill typing. Music.

I am thinking: it’s bed time

I am hoping: Duncan stop goofing around at bed time and starts going to sleep properly again. I’m also hoping Bill’s eye gets better soon.

I am reading: I’ve picked up Echo again.

I am creating: Nothing.

I am wearing: Black t-shirt and my pj pants

In the kitchen: Last night was rustic pasta, tonight was KD Italiano. Also on the menu this week are tacos, unfried buttermilk chicken, spaghetti pie, and left over meat loaf.

Plans for the week: Well Bill is off work for at least a week as his iritis has flared up again. So today I put him to work. Real nice of me ‘eh? Sorry you’re sick, now go earn your keep *grin*. Anyhow, tomorrow our bed is being delivered, Wednesday I’ve got MOPS – I haven’t been since the beginning of Dec, so that will be good, and Thursday Duncan has his 3-year check up, Cordie is getting flu shots, and Bill has a follow up appointment with the specialist. On Friday Duncan’s school is having a fund raiser at Jungle Jacs (and indoor play place). Saturday is Sportball.

A few of my favourite things:  Duncan was singing “Round and Round the garden, like a teddy bear” to himself last night. Cordie getting her 1st tooth. Sleep. I wish I got more of it.

A picture thought:

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Nancy said...

Love that picture of Cordie.

Oh and I was skimming so I read the answer to "I am creating" as the answer to "I am wearing"! LMAO