Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night

I am so freaking tired. I'm just tired of being tired. I have not had a full night's sleep in a long time now, and I really hope I might get the ocassional one again soon. But I hear from people who say their kid did not sleep through the night until they were 2. This will be a problem once I return to work and am a zombie :P

But I signed up for it. And she's rather cute!

In case you missed it on facebook, Duncan had been sleeping really poorly at night. We figured it was just a stage. Until the other night I was reading him a story. I normally sit on the side of his bed, but this time I climbed in beside him. While I was there I noticed how lumpy his bed was. Turns out his mattress was upside down. I never would have thought a mattress could have a wrong side, but this one did, and you could feel every spring inside. We flipped it right and he was sleep in minutes. Poor kid. We think it was from last week Monday when he was sick and we changed the sheets. Right now he's babbling at me "Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy..." but he's just being silly.

Tonight we went to Jungle Jaks which is one of those indoor play places. It was a fund raiser for his preschool. He had a good time. But the thing about Duncan is that he's not a starter. You need to go with him and be there. He won't just run off and "see you later". So I was climbing all through it with him - I think I am going to feel that tomorrow!! I'm happy though that some other people we knew were there and the Dad didn't mind taking Duncan along while they were climbing up and what not.

See, Bill and Cordie didn't come because we were told they would charge for Cordie to get in. We said that's rather silly because she can't play with anything, so Bill kept her home. But it turns out when they are little yet there is no charge. Well we know for next time. Bill got to finish watching this season of Dexter.

Our microwave died. I'm super annoyed on several levels a. b/c it's only 3.5 years old b. we use it to reheat food on a regular basis (not usually for cooking food), c. it's also our range hood which is light and vent, neither of which work now. I called to see if maybe we'd bought an extended warranty on it - nope. I called the licensed repair place and they want $80 just to come look at it. I don't think so! So I called my brother Jeff. Jeff is awesome. Anyhow, Jeff usually knows a guy. Any time we buy something he says "you should have asked me, I know a guy!" And he usually does! So I called Jeff, but he didn't know a guy. But he is doing work for the owner of the store we bought the microwave from and suggested I talk to him to see who he might suggest for a repair job that's reasonable in price. I'm certain it's just a fuse, but looking up DIY online, we simply don't have the equipment or knowhow to repair a microwave on our own. Jeff, being the generous heart that he is, also said he has an extra nuker we can borrow until ours is fixed. Bless him! So I'll need to coordinate with him to get it. I wonder if perhaps I can bring the kids out tomorrow to his place to get it and say hi. Duncan adores Uncle Jeff. okay, he adores all his uncles. Uncle Sean earned total bonus points on Christmas day by sitting and playing with Duncan for what seemed like hours.

And that's our week. Sportball tomorrow for the boys. We start swimming next week. I got Cordie swimsuits at the dollar store. Even if they only last 5 lessons it was a good deal.

Oh, doctor's appointments. Bill had his follow up with the Ophthamologist and his eye is getting much better and he's back to work on Monday. We're very happy his eye is better but we're sad our unexpected time off together is over. Duncan had his 3-year check up. He was hilarious. Wouldn't stand on the scale. Screamed when his head was being measured, just wanted none of it. But he did settled down and made the doctor laugh. He wanted to hear Duncan sing and the only song he would sing was the Toby song from Thomas. But he's doing well, exactly where he should be developmentally and right on track. We weren't worried, but always nice to hear. And finally Cordie got her flu shots (H1N1 and regular) and she didn't even peep. She just glared at our doctor, but that was all. That's my girl!!

Food is ready.

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