Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well how about that?

It seems we're the, hopefully, proud new owners of a Mazda 5. We test drove it last week, really liked it. Oh yeah, and me being me, I researched it quite a bit - professional reviews, consumer reviews, about 99% of them were really positive. The one negative one we thought was actually a joke. Anyhow, it doesn't have a super powerful engine, but it means it's better on gas. Since we'll mostly be using it for driving around town (not longer distances) we're not too concerned on engine power. And a more gas efficient vehicle is nice not only on our budget, but on the environment. I did try to contact other dealerships to see if we could get a better deal, but that was just a comedy of errors(funny sad, not funny ha ha).

Today I called the salesman who had helped us on Saturday and told him we were interested. He checked, they have one on the lot, and will put it aside for us. In order to save time can we do the credit app through email? Yep. I sent it off around 1:30 PM and got a call at 2 from the dealership saying we'd been approved and could we come in at 11 AM on Saturday to finalize things? Just like that!

So now we have 2 cars. We also have 2 car payments, but not for too long as we have no payments on the Mazda for 90 days, and the car is done in June. We think we can save the cash to pay off the car in full prior to Mazda starting. It will be about $100 more/month which is going to be a little painful since I'll be on mat leave, but we'll manage.

Speaking of mat leave, Jenn-ifer, I don't if you've been reading my blog, but in the next few months I'm going to need to get back that "thing" that I lent you :) I hope you were able to use it and that it helped. I'd like to get it by late March, maybe early April (I'm off as of April 4) just in case (I hope not) that Bean shows up too early. Let me know!

Picture of our new vehicle. Picture us zoom-zooming through the country like this one...

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Laura said...

A new car sounds like fun! Enjoy it. I too would like a new car - but sadly it is not in my future - so I will drive the Subaru for a few more years.