Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 AM update

Well it's almost 3 PM the same day, but it's still an update.

My Mommy made me go to the doctor about the ear problem, and yes, I have an ear infection. It sucks, it's annoying, and I'm off work for the balance of the week. Quite honestly I wouldn't be functioning at work anyhow - I can barely get off the couch with out it taking all my energy. I always, I'm grateful for Nikki as I could send Duncan there for the day. He would have been bored silly had he stayed at home, and this helps him stick with his routine. So I'll do the same tomorrow and Friday.

After I dropped Duncan off I went back to bed. I woke around 11 AM to the sound of someone in my room (sound familiar?) "Um, hello?" It was Bill. He came home early from work feeling sick. So we're both being sick right now. We'll go pick up Duncan in about an hour.

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