Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daycare taken care of

Praise the Lord!

Nikki and I had tea today (which was really nice b/c we don't actually get the chance to just sit and chat too often! It's usually in the chaos of picking up Duncan). We chatted about future plans, what would we like, what she can give us, and the long and the short of it is that she believes she can take both Duncan and Bean when I go back to work in 2010. I will send Duncan part time while I am off so he keeps in the habit, and also so he can play with the boys and give me some good Bean time. But this is a huge answer to a prayer. Duncan is just so happy there, and they really enjoy having him. But aside from that, I don't need to worry about finding day care of Bean - b/c that's the hard part. Duncan I could have placed in group day care, but Bean that is a lot harder to do.

That's not to say nothing will change. We never know what the Lord has planned, but right now, we'll assume all is well.


- we rented "Hancock" last night. We really enjoyed it! So many people we know gave it mediocre reviews, but really we had no problem with it.
- I'm watching "HD Net" channel. I need to say HD is really cool.
- Oma and Opa came over today. Duncan was just so tickled to see Opa. He sat on his lap for a good 1/2 the time he was here, and otherwise made Opa come and sit ont he floor with him to play with his "Up-Ups" - which is what Duncan calls stacking blocks that you stack and knock down with a loud "OH NO!" Opa got those for Duncan for Christmas "If I know my boy, he'll like these" and Opa got it right! Incidentally "Up-Downs" are what Duncan calls those foam interlocking blocks you usually just put on the floor, but he likes us to build into a tower so he can run from the kitchen into the living room and yell "OH NO!" and knock the tower over. Do you sense a theme here?
- Back to work tomorrow. Work is going to be totally nutty for a while. *sigh* We can do it! 82 days left!
- Our new Diaper Genie II Elite is awesome!

Making hamburgers and home made fries for dinner. Yum! I should go tend to that.

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Nancy said...

I'm glad you got daycare straightened out. I swear that's a never ending worry!

We liked Hancock too. Oh well. :)