Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Misc.

Antiques Roadshow is over. That show is fun. Now I just turned it on "The Last Templar" part 2 on NBC. It's pretty campy, but seeing as I'm blogging I'm not too worried about following what is actually going on.

We think Duncan is teething again. It's still those nasty molars as far as we can tell. He had a hard night last night - fussing in his sleep. We would have given him him some Motrin but he never totally woke up, so we didn't want to as we figured he'd be up for at least 1/2 an hour if we did. He slept until 9 this morning. Unfortunately I still had to get up at 5:20 AM... He also hasn't had much of an appetite. We gave him Motrin before bed tonight, so I hope he has a really awesome sleep.

65 days left at work.

We've pretty much decided on the Mazda 5. We now need to see if someone will give us a better deal. I doubt it, as it's a pretty good deal (1.9 over 5 years, 90 days no payments, and $750 off). But I might see if we can get 0% over 60 months instead. We'll see.

We've kind of dropped the ball in picking up wood for the bottom of Duncan's new bed. Dad might have some but we need to measure the bed, which we haven't yet.

Oh, awesomeness! Nikki emailed me today "Oh, we found Duncan's shoe at Superstore on the weekend". How awesome is she?! They found it sitting on a shelf at the end of one of the aisles. See we had checked, but we assumed the stock people would find it and move it, which apparently they didn't over the course of a week. Anyhow, so the one other person in this world who would recognize his show happened to see it while shopping with her family. You're the best Nikki.

Doctor's appointment this evening. It was nice and quiet in there so we were barely 1 minute and got in already. Sometimes it's more like a 20 minute wait (poor Allison, the MOA) so that was nice. For those who care I'm measuring 24.5 cm (I'm 25 weeks), baby heart rate was 145. Baby is breech right now, but we're not worried about that right now he/she will likely turn. Anyhow it was cool to see Bean - who has grown a lot. He/she had the hiccoughs which was cute to see. Duncan used to get them all the time when I was pregnant with him too.

I'm going to have some ice cream and then bed.

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