Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Misc. on a Tuesday night


Reasons I love Freecycle.
Today the following posting:
OFFER 1. Kenmore dishwasher (white)--purchased new in March 2007. Needs
macerator (available from Reliable Parts in Coquitlam) and need
pumpkins seeds removed from spray arms (long story).

Also someone offered a little kid's guitar, I emailed for it, but it was gone, but then the lady emails me and says she has a learner sized guitar which she will put aside for me instead of listing if I would like. Now, how kind is that?! (very!) So we're picking that up on Saturday, will put it aside, and perhaps Duncan or Bean will use it some day?

American Idol:
We are back on this air! I love this show. No, it is not all about bad singers and the judges being mean. Sure the beginning makes you laugh b/c there are some pretty bad singers out there (which is okay, not everyone can sing, but that they are trying out for this show is funny), but get past that, you get down to the talented singers, and you have a few months of some really good live entertainment.

He's such an awesome kid and I love him. I love Bean too. I look forward to two to love.

Getting better! Ears improving every day, cough continues to diminish, energy levels slowly back on the rise. It's all good! I am grateful for modern medicine.

I like Ronnie. She makes me laugh. She doesn't read my blog, but I love you Ronnie.

I also love Bill. I mean if we're talking about people we love here, really, he's rather right at the top of the list there (with Duncan and Bean, really I'm equal opportunity).

Sooooo... since our place is off the market we need to get our stuff out of storage, sort, declutter even more, and figure out what the heck we're going to do with the stuff we just can't bear to part with. We are buying a shed for the backyard to help out, and Oma and Opa have said we can keep some stuff there, but the above mentioned freecycle might be winning out in this case.

Red the Fire Engine:
Okay, really kicking myself here. Duncan has a bunch of the Cars from the Pixar movie Cars. I saw Red the Fire engine once, didn't pick it up, and now you think I can find it anywhere? Nope! Turns out it's rare. Arg. If someone sees the Die Cast Red and Stanley set (not the Mini version) and if it is a normal price (ie, I am not paying $30-$60 for a red fire engine my 2 year old is only going to crash around anyhow), would you either pick it up and I'll pay you back, or let me know so I can get it some how? Thanks. Duncan loves Red.

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