Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday and a sick 2 year old

Duncan has a cold. Normally it doesn't affect him too badly, but recently we switched to giving him water in his bottle at night from milk (better for the teeth and all) and two times last night he woke up just hollaring because his bottle had leaked and his sheets and pjs were soaking wet. The 1st time was at 10, so not a problem, but the 2nd time was at 3:30 AM. We changed him and let him hang out with us while we watched Little Bear (cute show, never actually watched it before) and then we decided to see if he would just fall asleep with us for about an hour and a half. Yeah, well, not so much. He was very quiet, but was having a grand old time being in bed with Mom and Dad (he never sleeps with us) and was having fun doing things like poking Bill in the nose, making fish sounds with his mouth and randomly naming of trains for Thomas and Friends. Around 4:45 we put him back in bed (yes, he protested) and didn't fall asleep until 5. The alarm goes off at 5:20. Bill said he was going to take a vacation day. I already felt like dung - had been close to going home from work early the day before, and being up all night did not help matters, so I called in sick. I would not have functioned today had I gone in.

So we kept him home. I'm sure he would have been an angel for Nikki, but he was in all his Terrible Twos Glory with us. He had more than one time out, was throwing stuff around, hitting, saying no, crying over nothing, sitting in a puddle outside on the ground and getting soaking wet... But as it is he's in bed now and keeps coughing and waking up, crying a little, falling back asleep. I feel so bad for him. I hope we all get sleep tonight. Well I need to go to work tomorrow,as does Bill, so he's going to Nikki's either way. The cold isn't too horrible, it's just that he's tired.

We did however finally get his new car bed set up. Dad had some wood for the base and we picked up a new mattress for it. He's not sleeping in it yet ( I can't let go of the peace of mind of him sleeping in the crib) but we'll transition to him napping in it on weekends and go from there.

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