Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hey there!


So let's see... this cold has hit my hard. Blah. I came in anyhow, but right now I wish I were in bed. Maybe tomorrow I'll take the day. We'll see. No, wait, I can't take tomorrow. *sigh*

I was really impressed with Sears this past weekend. I'd bought this pair of slippers back in October - nice ones too, but they ended up being really crappy. So even though I didn't have a receipt I took them back to see if they could do anything for me, and they gave me a refund on a gift card! Nice!

The people at the Tulalip Resort also rock. Especially Jessica. We'd booked a night there on Dec 30th, but Duncan got the flu, so we had to cancel, however the booking was a non-cancellation one - you get a good price, but if you don't show, you're out of luck. Well I called just to see and they made an exception and let us rebook. We're going Friday.

Have you heard about this new law in the US set to take place Feb 10 2009? It says you can not sell children's clothing any more - new or used, unless it has been tested for things like lead. This means not through thrift stores, consignment shops, on Ebay, Craigslist... The idea is good - keep the kids safe, but it also means a lot of clothes will end up in land fills, and people who often depend on used clothes for their kids will not have that option any more (apparently the test is really expensive). I know I don't live there, but as someone who enjoys browsing thrift stores, this is a huge shame. Hopefully the US Gov't can ammend this some how.

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