Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quick post?

I'm getting/have a cold. I got a sore throat yesterday, and today I'm all achy/sore/coughing... *sigh* I would like to be healthy!! Mind you if the sore throat goes away I'll be able to manage. I hate sore throats.

I was watching "My First Home" on TLC this afternoon and there was this awesome story about a Youth Pastor and his family looking to buy their 1st house. It was just an awesome testament of faith. One of their son's has recently been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and will require a wheel chair eventually. The house they live in now is in a really crime ridden neighourhood, so they need some place safer and that can accommodate a wheel chair. They got their debt in order to qualify for a larger mortgage, but needed $4500 down payment for the house. So their church took up a faith offering to help them out. It was genuinely touching.

Duncan has just climbed up on the couch with the Thomas Year book (the thing that shows you all the trains you can get) and he's just studying it. It's so cute!! Almost bed time for the boy.


Tanya said...

That would be so cute!!

Carole said...

We tried to snap a picture, but he kept saying cheese instead.