Monday, January 19, 2009

Girls Night In

Hi local ladies (you know, unless of course some of you non-local ladies feel like surprising me). Friday night Bill is going to a LAN party, so I'm having girls night in. Chick flick, take out (probably Indian or Greek, but I'm open to suggestions), and likely lots of giggling. If anyone is interested in coming out for the evening let me know! I thought of making it a Geekette thing, but it's such short notice. My Mom will be there and maybe Mrs. Mac too.

Otherwise - hello! It's a gorgeous day out! Robyn and I are going to start going for walks at lunch again now the side walks are passable. I am so sluggish, it's crazy. They are offering prenatal aquafit at the pool, but I have such a hard time leaving Duncan at night before bed b/c I don't get 2 hours with my kid a day as it is. So I think walking at lunch and Wii Fit will need to cut it for now.

Weekend was nice and quiet. Duncan, monkey boy, lost one of his runners while we were out. We've checked the lost and found at Costco and Superstore, but no go for both. And if it has not shown up by now, it likely won't. *sigh* We have illifitting Thomas shoes for him for now, but I'm going to need to go get him some new shoes pretty quick I think.

Ronnie and I went out on Saturday night to Boston Pizza for dinner (bland) and then we saw Bride Wars. Cute film. Total chick flick. Not even a date movie - chick flick. We giggled lots, so mission accompled. (ask Bill about things being accompled vs. accomplished.

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