Thursday, January 15, 2009

I really should just go to bed

And I will. Soon. I have been so exhausted - and it's not just Bean. I think still recovering from the cold I had (still getting better!) and also just kind of a nasty week at work - takes its toll! And this is the 1st full week I've had at work in about a month. Oh, how hard life is.

We'll be moving our little man into a toddler bed soon. We bought a used car bed, and when Duncan saw it today "Whoa!!". We bought him Cars sheets and a quilt etc, so when we do move him to the bed it will be more special. We just have it in his room for now. We'll give him a little bit of time to get used to the idea, but I do think it's time. He could easily climb out of his crib, and that's what I'm afraid of - is that he'll try and fall over the side. Oh but he's a sweet boy. My brother Jeff popped by for a few minutes last night and Duncan was so excited to see Uncle. He totally loves his Uncle Jeff.

Looking forward to the weekend - aside from normal weekend stuff, I'm going out with Ronnie. Believe it or not we barely see each other any more, so it should be fun.

Okay, I am drifting off here. Love you all. Tanya thank you for writing more. Other people, do the same! Jen! You could write every day with tales about you and your family - go for it!

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I hope everything is going well with you...

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