Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ohhhh..... Ahhhh......

We bought a 46" Plasma screen tv today. It's so pretty. I know some of you are wondering how we afforded it, or are thinking "must be nice". To which I reply - yes it is nice! It was an unexpected gift which means no guilt :)

Set up was a little frustrating. We bought through a local store (shop local) and got a good deal for it. However they sold us the wrong cable to go with it, so I had to go back for the right one, but that still doesn't work proper... So right now we're not actually able to watch true HD (1080p), but it's still really quite amazing. Of course we're watching Cars and we're quite amazed at the difference in colour and detail. We rented Batman:The Dark Knight tonight, so that will be fun to watch again. Oh, and home made pizza...yum!

It's cold out! Hey, it's winter time (not actually winter yet) so it's all good, but the kid of night to stay home all cozy. I'm just sitting with Duncan while he has dinner, and then bath time for him. Tomorrow my parents and I hope to go to The Singing Christmas Tree at Broadway Church in the afternoon.

Other than that... it was a pretty brutal week at work, but 5 more days and then I have a break. Then 3 months and I'm off! 19 weeks along now, and things are going great. Praise the Lord!

Last night Bill was at a LAN party with some buddies, and he was just going to crash on the couch at Roc's place, so I didn't expect him back until this morning. Well at 3:45 AM (okay, technically this morning, but not when I was expecting him!) I wake up with him in the room quietly getting ready for bed. "Um, hello?" "Hi! We were done, I was awake, the roads were good, so I thought it would be nicer to sleep in my own bed." And I'm glad he did, b/c it's nice to have him home, but I asked "Did you not think you were going to totally freak me out?" "Well yes, but I didn't want to call and have the phone wake Duncan." Sweet, but thank goodness I didn't scream or something waking up with someone in my room.

Alright, bath time for the boy. Cars is over (for today).

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Tanya said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I would have flipped out too. Good thing you're not the type to keep weapons by your bed!