Monday, December 1, 2008

A wonderful day

December 1, part 2.

I wrote part one this morning from work. I was tired then, I'm even more tired now, but had a wonderful day.

We got home around our normal time from work. Bill went in and got right to work on getting the home made pizza ready for dinner, and I went and grabbed the birthday boy. Apparently they enjoyed the cupcakes I sent along to day care (and Bill's work enjoyed the left overs!). Oma and Opa came over around 5:30.

Bill and I ran off to the maternity appointment. I'm 17 weeks along now, measuring 18.5 cm and heart beat was 145. The clinic also does a mini ultra sound. So we got to see Bean kicking around, and opening and closing his/her mouth, and just being a baby. Very cool. Nice quick appointment. I have my 20 week ultrasound on the 20th. It all goes so quick!

Anyhow, back home. Pizza was ready, so we got dinner on the table quick. We made home made pizza because Duncan has really enjoyed it before. Well tonight he was not interested at all! Oh well, Oma and Opa liked it. Can you believe it was the 1st time they'd had our home made pizza? We've been making this stuff (crust and all!) for years (like since we got married). Glad they liked it.

Anyhow, I popped upstairs to wrap Duncan's presents quick. Oh 1st Theresa had popped by and gave Duncan a gift. A Lightning McQueen lunch box, a Cars t-shirt inside, and a stuffed Lightning. Anyhow, then Oma and Opa gave him their gift. Yes, A Lightning McQueen lunch box, a Cars shirt (yep, 2 of each, although different!) but then 4 new "Cars" to add to his ever growing collection. He now has 11 of that collection, and just loves them. We got him some mega blocks, and we'd bought some Thomas Wooden Railway stuff off of Craigslist a while back. So he got a bunch of new track (well new to him), and a bunch of new trains. We also got him some books, so that was awesome. He was just tickled with it all.

And it ain't over yet! That wasn't even his birthday party! Although we could have just left it at that and he would have been totally content (let's be honest, he doesn't even know it's his birthday, or why he is getting all this stuff), Saturday is going to be fun.

So we got to see Bean, we got to celebrate Duncan's birthday... a wonderful December 1!

And now it is really, really bed time. Good night!


PrincessButtercup said...

I find it cute that you get to remember your 1st day of December 2008 with your new 2 year old having looked at your number 2 Bean :)

Word Ve4rification: I am NOT making this one up!...brati...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Duncan!!!

sounds like a fun day if tiring!

and many congrats on the new baby to be!!! that is sooooo exciting!

many hugs and wishes for a happy pregnancy!!!