Tuesday, December 30, 2008



Some kind of gastro bug has hit the Martin house. I came down with it on Sunday - usual - achy, skin hurts, hot, cold, upset stomach... I was supposed to be in the church nursery Sunday morning and couldn't reach the coordinator. I went to church and found her and she says don't be silly - go home. I spent the day on the couch. My friend Lisa called from Calgary - she's due Jan 20 with her 1st baby, and we're chatting away about baby stuff and suddenly I threw the phone to Bill and ran off to the bathroom. I felt so bad I couldn't even finish our conversation - but she was very understanding. We chatted again last night.

Yesterday Duncan was starting to show his stomach was a little off too (runny poop). Bill and I are supposed to go to the Tulalip Resort Hotel tonight. So last night just before 1, little Duncan wakes up crying. Go to check on him, more runny poop. Get him settled back down. 2:30 up again with him puking. Got him back down at 3 and he's still asleep (it's 10:30 Am now). So we're not going away tonight. It sounds like he's probably doing better, and Ronnie still said she would take him (bless her, I knew she would, but no, I can't send me sick and probably contaigous child to her house) but we're staying home. Our reservation wasn't supposed to be able to be cancelled, but the nice people down at the hotel are letting us rebook for another night. How nice is that? (Quite I think).

So today we sanitize the house and we hope Bill doesn't come down with it next. We're supposed to have some people over for New years (the Bell's, Theresa, maybe my parents) and we'd like to not have to cancel plans due to people being sick.

I hope the rest of you are healthy!!


Tanya said...

ROFL!! Love the warning! I am sorry to hear you're sick. But-Merry Christmas!
This comment has been brought to you by the word perheeks. NO kidding.

Tanya said...

OH MAN! And the word now is "spitshe"!!! HAHAHAHAHA

PrincessButtercup said...

my word is better: ulogrud and sorry you aren't well... praying for you all to recover quickly.