Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well that was excellent! Duncan's party worked really well. It was chaotic as expected, but there were no tears! Jen, we would have both been wrong on the "who cries 1st" game *grin*. Sorry you couldn't make it out! But we totally understand.

I took yesterday off to make Duncan's cake. It certainly tried my patience at times (the back of the engine kept falling over, so I finally propped it up with a shot glass. Things you can do at home that you couldn't get away with if you were a professional). I also had to make 2x the icing it recommended, but still, all in all, it was good. This morning we went out to find Duncan was already trying to get at it to eat it :)

We were very environmentally unfriendly, I admit it. Convenience won. The kids did awesome eating what there was. What's funny is that I thought the veggies would be more for the adults, but the kids really ate a lot too. The Costco pizza was also a good choice.

Thank you for the gifts from those who came. We know Duncan is going to get a lot of enjoyment ouf of them.

Picking from 11 - 1 was a good call too. By 1 the little ones were certainly ready for nap time. Duncan was falling asleep even as Bill was changing him before going down for a nap.

Now we move into Christmas mode. Tomorrow we'll put up the tree. We were going to go to the Santa parade in Maple Ridge tonight, but it's cold and rainy, and I think that would be too much for Duncan at this point. No problem. I also need to go grocery shopping yet. Uhg. And I'm hungry, so I should eat. Love you all!

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