Friday, December 19, 2008

One more time

Alright, it's Friday December 19th, and my last day of work for two weeks. As I was crawling out of bed at 4:50 AM (waaaaaa!!!) I said to Bill "okay, last time" and he replies "well no, you still need to get up every day" to which I replied "hopefully not before 5 Am though!". I appreciate Ronnie giving me rides to the train, but girl, you need to change your hours!

I was in the office by 6:50 AM, but there is so much to do today, that's actually okay. I have that I'm pregnant and worn out from a long week feeling, but usually the best cure for that is to work as it makes the time go fast.

I proposed team coffee this morning. I made an executive decision "hey everyone, we're going to Starbucks at 9:30 for coffee" and not only did everyone say "okay, sure" most of them said "thank you for just telling us and not asking, it avoids all the indecisiveness that comes with working with a big group when you ask opinions 1st". So I'm now the social director of the team.

I'm listening to Josh Groban "Noel". Pick up this CD. Or I guess get it from iTunes. We have the cd - we're old fashioned types. Anyhow, he's just a really talented man and it's just gorgeous music. I mean, come on, Ave Maria at 7 AM? Sweet!!! And his Little Drummer Boy will give you shivers (it's that good!).

Last night was Duncan's hair cut. Oh the trauma! This poor kid screams bloody murder when he get's his hair cut. We go to Great Clips where we found this fantastic lady, Nina, and she handles him so well! His Christmas pictures are tomorrow. We might sit in on a few of them, but we'll see. I'm feeling quite fat *wink*. (I think it's called being pregnant... oh yeah, and enjoying the Christmas goodies in the office a bit too much!).

Tomorrow we also have our 20 week ultrasound in the morning. That will be awesome. Then we're full force into Christmas stuff. I have not been into it at all. I think b/c I'm work focused and all, but I do have a little boy, and so I really want to jump in with both feet once I'm outta here.

So, I had better get to it!

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Anonymous said...

I heard a Josh Groban Christmas song yesterday, thanks for the reminder to check out the rest of the album! I'm listening to Barenaked Ladies right now, love that album.

Zach (and Alex) got a hair cut yesterday, Jon took the boys while I went food shopping. He said he did really good, which is good since last time he was a nightmare! He giggled at the clippers, which is the part Alex always hates.