Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday and a long weekend

Okay, maybe I'm not at work, but Bill has a 5-day long weekend, so it still feels like a long weekend to me.

Let's see... we booked the flights for Bill's Dad and brother to come out in July for a visit, so that will be good. We'll plan on Bean's baptism and a big BBQ while they are out too.

We took Duncan for a haircut today. Oh the drama and the trauma. He just screamed and wailed the whole time. She did an awesome job, and I am so glad the other workers and patrons put up with him. In fact most people were laughing b/c she'd pause and he'd look up through his tears "all done?" She pushed on and got the job done.

We also had him out for his really belated 2 year check up. We're up on his shots, we just hadn't had him in for the over all. He's doing well. We knew this. We had no concerns, but better to have that official. Duncan is doing awesome in his counting (up to 10, usually in order), and with his letters and colours.

I'm slowly getting stuff done around the house. Newborn clothes are clean. I unpacked some of the boxes of my fabric and put them on shelves - it's all in an effort to declutter and organize. I'm, of course, pretty pooped, but still feeling really awesome over all. I'm on an email list for Mom's due around the same time I am and it sounds like I have it pretty darned good right now. No Braxton-Hicks, no cramping... I just have a hard time sleeping, but I think that's to get you ready. I'm looking forwarding meeting Bean, but I'm not anxious to - I'm content to wait and let this kid finish baking.

Ronnie came for a quick visit today. That was fun. I was just sorting fabric at the time so she hung out in our really messy room and we chatted. We don't actually get to do that a whole lot!

I think I'm going to read or something. Good night!

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Tanya said...

Sitting and chatting iwht friends is a lovely luxury. I'm so happy you had the chance to do that!