Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Well it's Easter Monday, the end of our absolutely wonderful 5-day weekend together. It has just been so wonderful to get some good Mommy/Daddy/Duncan time in before Bean is going to show up. I think Duncan loved it too. We made sure we got a good balance of getting out (outside when the weather allowed!), playing in, and just hanging out.

We also got some good stuff done. Sorting through boxes, Bill put up some shelves in the rooms, and pulled out a bunch of baby stuff for me. I kind of had a freak out "I'm not prepared for this baby!" moment the other day - in that the car seat was still buried in the closet, the basinette too, etc... So Bill, bless him, says "okay what do you need to feel prepared?" and went about pulling stuff out so I'd feel less panicky. And yeah, I got over it :) So newborn clothes are clean, and the basinette cover, bouncy seat, swing, and soon car seat cover are all going through the wash. We've got blankets, diapers, etc... so while the place is still messy, Bean has a home :)

Easter was good. We didn't make it to church. We had every intention, but I was so totally exhausted (par for the course lately) that I was back asleep by 10:30 AM. We had an indoor easter egg hunt at Oma and Opa's (it was pouring out!) and then Easter Dinner.

So Bean is good. Nice and busy. T-minus 4 weeks (give or take). Over all, I feel fantastic. I think fatigue is the biggest problem, and I also don't bend as easily as I used to. But otherwise, I'm still sleeping well (enjoy it while I can!), and back pain isn't too bad. So, yay!

Alright... that's about it! Have a good day! Oh, next weekend we're emptying out our storage locker, and will be getting rid of a bunch of blue laminate. We plan on using some in Duncan's room, but otherwise, if someone local is interested in it (we got it through freecycle), let us know. About 100 sq feet worth.

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