Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cereal - an analogy for Life

I was chatting with Bill this morning that I was having a very healthy breakfast (among other conversation topics, I didn't call him to tell him what I was having for breakfast) - multigrain Life with a handful of Fruit Loops sprinkled on top. Duncan didn't finish the ones he'd had, so I just threw them on top of my cereal. So Bill says it's a good analogy for life - kind of plain and wholesome underneath (multigrain Life) with some more of the fun stuff (Fruit Loops) sprinkled on top to keep it exciting. Ain't that the truth? :) Later on I said I should go, my cereal is getting soggy, and he says, that's the truth too - let it sit and life gets soggy. LOL. That's my English degree husband at work :)

Oh boy Duncan didn't want to go this morning. Poor Roo. If I didn't have a doctor's appointment today I would have kept him home, but it's easier for him to go the full day than drop him off later for a short bit. But he was clinging to my legs and just sobbing. Oh my poor boy. He'll stay home tomorrow. And I know he enjoys playing with the other boys.

Girls night out - short version - I'd like to start getting together with my girl friends for dinner or something once a while.

Girls night out - long version - Bill and his buddies have been getting together about once a month to hang out. It's mostly been LAN parties, but they've decided they want to expand it beyond video games - watching playoffs together, going for dinner etc... Now, as I have no problem with him going out with the guys (why do I care - good people, I know who they are, the type of people they are, and know they aren't going to be doing rude and crude stuff), Bill also has no problem with me going out and doing pretty much the same thing with the girls.

Now, right now, not so much - I wouldn't mind going out one more time before Bean arrives, but don't want to venture too far from home b/c the last time I had a kid, my water broke, and I don't want to be an hour away from home or our hospital if that were to happen again. And I'm pretty sure people don't feel like coming out this way (it's okay, I know we're still technically the boonies). But after Bean is here, and we're kind of settled in (ie, the kid will take a bottle - so at least after the 1st 6 weeks - ah heck, I won't have the mental capacity to do much socializing the 1st 6 weeks anyhow until that fog lifts), I think we should start aiming for this. Doesn't need to be big and fancy, planned crazy in advance or detail (as we tend to do, let's be honest)... but it could be "hey let's all meet at this place for supper" or something like that. I think it's harder for women b/c we're thinking about who is going to watch the kids etc... but really, most of our husbands are really good about doing their bit of parenting and not giving grief over it.

And plus, soon I look forward to being able to have wine now and then again :)

That was far more wordy than it should have been.

Idol - We're not surprised that the judges WASTED their save on Matt, but we do think it was a waste. Oh well. We'll see next week what's up.

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Tanya said...

I'm in. I'm busy and tired, but I do really want to see you. Enough to even venture out to the boonies!
This comment brought to you by the word: rearica.
I think that really describes America quite well!