Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday morning

Good morning everyone!

Yup, another week we didn't go to church. We need to work on that some. Our motivation is low, but we've no one to blame but ourselves for that.

But I do love Sundays! We all slept in until after 8, Duncan came and hung out in bed with us for a bit. Once again proof why he can't sleep with us - it's too much of a game. But he's cute! Bill made breakfast and we also called Grandpa Bob who is coming out in July. I think Grandpa is really looking forward to seeing Duncan. Bean too, but Duncan will be a little more interactive.

I want to do stuff. Bill finished emptying the storage locker yesterday so we wouldn't lose another $100 for a months of storage. We've put a bunch of stuff at Mom and Dads, but need to keep going through things - freecycling, I'm going to try and sell some stuff online, and some is going to the Bibles for Missions Thrift store. But my energy is low, so I want to go go go, but after a while I just need to collapse on the couch. Tomorrow I have someone coming in to do a good spring clean for me. Yay! But I need to declutter enough so she can actually get at the stuff that needs cleaning!

This is Duncan's last full week at Daycare. Although he'll be home Wed and Fri. But I'm glad we decided to send him this month I've been off. It's been easier for me to get stuff done, and it's also just harder for me to run after him like he likes. He'll be going Mondays and Thursdays until the fall and then I think Mon and Wed as he'll have preschool on Tue and Thur.

Okay it is now Sunday afternoon, almost evening, so although I didn't finish this, I'll post it. Bye!

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