Saturday, April 18, 2009

Odds and Ends and Twighlight

Let's talk about Twighlight 1st. Nope, still haven't read the books, don't plan to. Haven't seen the movie either. Just not into the vampire thing. But I find it funny how many people I know have read, or are reading these books, and those who are a little obsessive about them. Sure, I have books I'm fan of, but hey when other people don't like them I don't care. But I find fans of these books take it a bit personally when you say you have no intention of reading them. Even my Mom read the 1st one!! She said it's more like a teen romance, but that's okay.

So last night I had this very odd dream that I was in the movie Twighlight, and all the characters were trying to convince me that I need to read this series of books. You know people are pushing it a lot when it works its way into your mind like that.

For Twighlight fans, I apologize, I have no intention of sharing your enthusiasm for these novels. You know, you're right, I might actually enjoy them, but now it's a matter of principle :)

Otherwise, saw something a bit disturbing today. I was coming of the store with Duncan and saw these 4 guys running like all get out. Then 3 of them threw one into the side of a truck, onto the ground, and starting beating and kicking the you know what out of him. A whole bunch of us saw it - people called 911 right away, and as the 3 assailants ran, someone tried to run them down with their pick up - or at least follow them. The guy seemed okay who got beaten up (he was able to get up and walk) but it still really threw me. Also, the reason I didn't talk to the police is there were 15 people or so giving statements I honestly don't think I would have contributed other than "I saw them kick him". I couldn't tell you much beyond that. That, and I wanted to get out of there with my young son. What was kind of funny though was this little old lady says to me "This town is getting worse than Chicago in the 30s!"

Freecycle... I've been decluttering via the wonderful Freecycle. I'm so glad people can use stuff I no longer have use for. Mind you there is some stuff I haven't been able to get rid of. So we'll see what we do with that. I have a box of audio cassette tapes and from what I can tell, it can't be recycled, so if no one takes that I admit it will end up in the garbage.

Oh and finally, since I pissed people off saying I don't want to read Twighlight, I'll piss even more people off with this:

I don't like hockey.
I don't care if the Canucks win or not.
Hockey is boring.
For those of you who enjoy it - cool. But now you know where I stand.
And yes, despite that, I am a real Canadian. I'm just one who doesn't like hockey.


Tanya said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Non-hockey AND non-Twilight?! The horrors!!
So funny!
We missed you today. Oh well! Have a great weekend.

Laura said...

Well - I agree with you totally on the whole Twilight thing! I have not intention of reading the books or watching the movie. It is about vampires after all!

Hockey, I can take it or leave it -usually leave it. I will watch a game with others, but I really dont care who wins.

So look - there are two of us!

Nancy said...

I'm totally with you on Twilight too, though it's not because it's about vampires, I usually love vampire movies/books/TV shows. I just have no desire at all to read those books.