Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol and other stuff

1st of all - last night's American Idol. Needless to say Adam is just so many miles ahead of everyone else in that competition. I've been a fan from the start, and last night was no exception. He reminds me of David Cook from last year - just putting his own amazing spins on songs. Good job Adam.

That having been said... how's everyone? We're good. Day 3 of being on "vacation" before mat leave. Ronnie and I were discussing "amazing how you get all this stuff done when you work full time, when it takes up your whole day when you're at home". Shopping, laundry, sorting, cleaning... I think I am going to take a nap today though b/c I've been pretty pooped mid-afternoon. Duncan is still going to Nikki's this month, and then part time come May to keep his spot. Watching him (secretly) play outside with the other kids I know he is having so much more fun with them, so it's all good. And all the fresh air with the weather being better he is sleeping so hard at night. This morning it took me 20 minutes to convince him that he needed pants to go out today, and no, he could not wear his sleepers... but he came around :)

We're trying to book flights for Bill's Dad and brother to come out in July. My Dad called to say there is a seat sale on Air Canada... I don't like AC, but when they are cheaper, how can you not? So I looked it up, and yeah, it's literally $100 cheaper each way, per person (yes $400 total) than it was last week, so I think we'll be getting those tickets soon. They'll be out July 16-25th (or thereabouts), and we'll plan Bean's Baptism at that time too.

Alright.... if I am going to nap, I should do it now! Night night!

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Laura said...

Hope your nap was good! I am quite jealous. I tried to nap today but the ringing phone on my desk kept me awake!!

brought to you by "aless" a variation of "alas"?