Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3 days and counting!

Only 3 days left at work! Not only is it 3 days left until mat leave for 13 months, but also 3 days until I don't need to work downtown at all any more. I've been working downtown for 12+ years (okay, a year off for mat leave before), and it lost it's magic a long, long time ago. For those who probably aren't even wondering, they are opening a suburban office so when I go back to work I'll be something like 10 minutes away from work. This is actually beyond comprehension for me to be so close to work and not have to spend 2-3 hours a day commuting. I'm also thrilled that Duncan only needs to get up silly early 2 more times. He's been having a super hard time with it lately. I can't say I blame him.

But, it doesn't feel like I'm done yet. People ask if I'm excited. Well yeah of course I'm excited about Bean's pending arrival (which the doctor says will likely be earlier rather than later from my due date), but I don't think it will hit that I'm off work until Monday when I'm not at work. Otherwise, it feels like a normal week, and keeping my head down and just plugging away makes the days go quick.

And, b/c again I know none of you are wondering, my thumb is getting better thank you. I no longer have mummy thumb (it was mummified earlier), and I am now sporting a normal looking bandage. It doesn't even hurt - unless I hit it, then it hurts like nothing else... so I'm now quite proficient in non-thumb use. The advantage to this - Bill took care of making dinner last night (which was delicious -thank you again dear), bathing Duncan, and a bunch of other stuff too. Not that he doesn't normally do his share - he does! And not that I'd do this on purpose to get him to do this stuff - I wouldn't! But I dare say he's an awesome husband and father and I'm blessed to have him :)

Alright, back at it, oh cool, Juice Newton "Queen of Hearts" is on the iPod. This song rocks.

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Laura said...

Glad the thumb is on the mend - and wow - only 3 days! Hard to believe!

Enjoy the time off with the kids and nice that the commute will be so short in 13 months.