Monday, April 6, 2009


I was just watching Oprah. Aside from that fact that I was working, I have kind of lost my love affair with Oprah over the years. I think today's episode kind of confirms that for me.

Today's show was about Motherhood, and kind of the theme of the show was that being a Mom can suck at times. Okay, yeah it can. I'm no perfect Mom. I get frustrated at my 2-year old, I fast forward his movies when he's not looking b/c I want to speed up to the end. Sometimes I'm too lazy to play with him.

But you know, I love being a Mom. I love it. I love that my son is my son, and I love that there is another on the way, despite pending lack of sleep, poop, pee, spit up, throw up, non-stop crying for no apparent reason... I, on the most part, don't mind dropping whatever I'm doing to play trains with Duncan, or watch the "Mission to Mars" episode of the Backyardigans yet again, or watch with amusement when he plays in the dirt.... oh well, it's just dirt! I love the hugs, the kisses, that he likes to hold me hand. It kind of makes the other stuff all worth while doesn't it? I think so.

I haven't "lost my identity" by becoming a Mom. I don't long for the days prior to having kids. It doesn't bother me that I don't really get "me time". Maybe b/c I still do. Maybe we've got a good balance. Maybe b/c I've been working full time with my kid being in day care almost 11 hours/day and treasure every second I get with him. Sure that tune might change being home full time, but aside from the normal frustrations, I'm not too sure it will. It's a blessing to be home.

Anyhow, back to Oprah. I think in order to offset this show they need to have one with the audience full of Mom's who love being a Mom. Who don't feel robbed, or cheated, or anything else. I'm not talking about the super-Moms of the world. Just the ordinary Moms like you and me who enjoy being a Mom. It's not such a bad place to be you know.


Tanya said...

I totally agree. And I don't think it's just the working mom thing because I've only been at work for one week. That's a part of it, though I think. I values my year off because at the back of my mind, I knew I was heading to work. MAybe if there was no major change in sight, we'd feel different at times, too?

Elizabeth said...

Being a mom is the most blessed thing in the world. It helps me "understand" our Father a lot better, because we're His kids. I was blessed to be able to be home with my kids for 11 years, and didn't feel deprived at all!

Laura said...

I too love being a Mom and I have been at if for quite a long time. I have changed diapers on about 12 babies, been spit up so many time I wouldnt even try to count.

I loved being Mommy to little ones, I loved having the girls (Tara and Tanya) so close together and growing with them, I loved being a foster parent, I love being the mother to many. I love being a mom to my 10 year old, even though I sometimes think he gets the short end of the stick having such old parents.

I love being the Mom of such wonderful women as my daughters.

And in all the years that I have been "mom" I have never lost my sense of self. I have remained Laura. My identity is secure! I am a child of God and have been given the gift of my children.

I say we take on Oprah and show the world just how many mothers are content and honoured to be called Mom!

brought to you today by the fitting word "zoonitio"

Donna Mc said...

Well said! I treasure my boys & already miss their little baby/tot days. They grow up much too fast!Motherhood is a precious gift that we should not take for granted.

Anonymous said...

I love being a Mom and love my kids and I know I am in the minority here, but motherhood does suck sometimes. I'm expecting my 9th, my oldest is almost 16 and it's a very, very hard job. I have been a SAHM all these years. Early on, it was fun. Now I am tired, lonely, longing for adult interaction.. while my husband works long hours to provide for us. My point is just that it's not always a picnic when you are up worrying til all hours of the night about your teenager!

AndreaD said...

I find it a bit lonely being a stay-at-home; there are not very many of us. I would love more playdates for my daughter and I. I do crave adult conversations. But, I would not trade it in. It goes so fast, she will be off to school before I know it. She is happy and funny and brings joy to my world.

I think the problem is that too many women want "babies" but they don't want to be parents. Being a parent invokes a different picture.

Karen said...

I am not sure if I've seen the episode or not. I enjoy being a mother too and I can relate to long hours, sick kids, blowing bubbles, laughter, etc.

Some women think that is all they are a mother and nothing else. I like to encourage others that motherhood is just a small inkling of what we are or can become. It is a good thing to be in the present moment and use our skills to help our self, children, and husband. But if we are called to expand those qualities, women should feel free to do it and not to feel guilty of it. It is healthy to be proud of ourselves as women. We were before and will be after our kids have left home.

What thrill it is to use our motherhood as a bonding agent for other people. It provides an excellent foundation for discussion, learning and growing. We live in a more freer country and women should feel the love to express all that they are (motherhood and more).

Peace to all :) Continue to grow and refuel yourselves. Continue to share everything you have with not only your family, but with yourself. We need to be our own best friends first.