Thursday, April 23, 2009

Duncan ramblings and other stuff

Since my friend Nancy just did a post on her son's ramblings, I thought I'd do the same.

Duncan is almost 2 and 1/2! Wow! He's just such an amazing kid and we enjoy him so much. I know, parent's bias, but I'm his parent, and I am biased. Today I went to pick him up from Nikki's and he just gave her a really big hug and said "Goodbye, Thank You". I didn't have to prompt him to say thank you or anything. He's getting better at "please", and is even learning "you're welcome" when you say thank you to him.

He's doing great with his letters, numbers, and colours. Like Zachary, he'll skip a few here and there, but he's good at identifying them be looking at them. He can't say the alphabet in order, but can get about 3/4 of the letters.

Singing is a different story. He still loves music, but he's really, really shy to sing. It's quite cute. He likes this song about Toby the Tram Engine from Thomas, and he likes us to singing it, but is too shy to sing along. But today I was playing the song and he was quietly trying to sing along. Really cute.

As for other stuff, had my weekly doctor's appointment today. I tested positive for the strep B so that means I'll need iv antibiotics during labour, and I also tested positive for some other infection, so I'm on antibiotics for the next week. I didn't even know I had an infection! I'm almost 38 weeks now, so we're getting there! I'm not in a huge rush. I'm getting stuff done, but there is still a lot I want to do. I'm somewhat limited in my moving ability - bending over, carrying stuff, etc... We need to get the storage locker cleaned out this Saturday, by we I mean Bill, but it will save us $100 for another month b/c we're lazy.

Anyhow, otherwise I don't miss work! Not one bit! Now we need to find a way to let me stay home next May (for positive reasons you know, like the lotto or something... but I guess that would mean I need to buy tickets). Hope you are all well!

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Nancy said...

That's cute, that he's so shy about singing. Zach needs to come show him how to belt out a tune! LOL