Monday, February 9, 2009

The weekend:

-Duncan was up all night
- Went into work early
-took 1/2 vacation day. went home, back to bed.
-short straw
-up with Duncan just after 7 (not too bad)
-to Oma and Opa's for brunch
-home again home again jiggetty jig
-had elliptical trainer brought back home
-Duncan down for nap
-Mom and Dad were going to baby sit but we were still exhausted so we opted for take out (greek) and a movie (Max Payne)
-as leaving to pick up food bump into neighbours who had baby 6 weeks early
-go to neighbours, hold gorgeous tiny baby girl
-go get food
-run into Mom and Dad at Greek restaurant - obviously a good idea
-watched movie (not too bad!) but was falling asleep
-folded laundry to stay awake
-long straw - ahhhh
-walk with Duncan after pancakes for breakfast
-home again, Theresa comes over for tea and fresh baked cookies (courtesy M&M Meats)
-Duncan goes down for a nap
-take Theresa for a spin in "Blue"
-do some quilting
-call Mom and Dad - walk in the park? Sure! Bill, you can stay home
-Duncan has other ideas, brings Bill his shoes, I guess he's coming too :)
-nice walk. ahhhh
-tea at Mom and Dad's after
-home, dinner (pasta)

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